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Hans Sachs

Hans Sachs

Nürnberg 1494 -
Nürnberg 1576

The German poet, playwright and master of the shrovetide plays Hans Sachs was born as the son of a master tailor in Nuremberg on November 5, 1494. He attended grammar school and from 1509 to 1511 was a shoemaker's apprentice. Subsequently he went traveling as an apprentice for five years.
During that time he served at the court of Kaiser Maximilian I in Innsbruck for some time. There, Sachs decided to study meistergesang and took lessons from master Lienhard Nunnenbeck in Munich.
In 1516 Hans Sachs moved to Nuremberg. In 1520 he became a master shoemaker and active member of the Meistersinger guild. In 1555 he became their chairman.
On September 1, 1519 he married Kunigunde Creutzer (1512-60), after whose death he married his second wife, Barbara Harscher, on September 2, 1551.
He preached Martin Luther's teachings and in 1523 wrote the poem "Die Wittenbergische Nachtigall", a popular portrayal of Luther's teachings, with which he achieved great acclaim. During the subsequent years, Hans Sachs produced more than 6000 works, including so-called "Knittelverse", and became one of the most successful poets of the 16th century.
Hans Sachs died on January 19, 1576 in Nuremberg.

Leonhart Fuchs
"Den nieuwen herbarius. 1543"
10,240 $

Matthias de Lobel
"Icones stirpium. 1591"
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Jacobus Theodorus Tabernaemontanus
"Neuw Wasserschatz. 1584."
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Pietro Andrea Mattioli
"Commentari. 1558."
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Johann Justus von Landsberg
"Rosarium mysticum. 1531"
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(Aeneas Slivius Piccolomini) Pius II.
"De pravis mulieribus. 1507."
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"Cl. Claudianus, Opera. 1523"
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"Breviarium Romanum. 1535"
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